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12 06, 2020

Why it is Important to Upgrade your Suspension

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Now suspension might not necessarily come to mind when you first think of what to upgrade in your vehicle unless you are more advanced as an off-road enthusiast. It can be a pricey upgrade and leave you thinking ‘well the standard suspension should be good enough’. There is even the likelihood that you simply see it as something people do to make their cars look badass. So, let us get into why have suspension at all followed by why it is important to get your suspension upgraded to the specific requirements you need. What Suspension Does for your Vehicle Driving down [...]

29 05, 2020

Tough Dog Suspension Price List 2020

2020-05-29T15:01:34+02:00May 29th, 2020|Categories: Latest News|Tags: , , |

Tough Dog Suspension gear is made from quality materials, designed to withstand the harshest of environments.   "Setting up a 4WD suspension system isn’t all about the added gains on the tape measure. Tough Dog products are specifically designed and engineered to deliver a complete suspension solution, not only for off-road clearance, but for ride quality, handling, and load carrying capabilities as well." With all you could want in a suspension kit, you cannot go wrong with the range of Tough Dog Suspension gear. Here are just some of the items available (scroll down for full price list download): Foam Cell Shocks [...]

2 01, 2020

Gearing up for 2020

2020-01-02T11:32:53+02:00Jan 2nd, 2020|Categories: Latest News|Tags: , , , , , , |

We had a great deal of fun and excitement in 2019, but there is nothing quite like taking on a new adventure. Now is the time to plan our next trips to discover new and wonderful parts of sub Saharan Africa.    Planning Your Next Journey Sani Pass (The Gateway to Lesotho) Kwa Zulu-Natal. If you are an experienced 4x4 driver and looking for something spectacular, then this is the challenge for you. Taking you up to heights of 2865m above sea level you have the most amazing, breath taking views imaginable.       Namaqua Eco-trail, Northern Cape If a [...]

3 10, 2019

Appropriate Vehicle Suspension Systems

2019-11-20T08:06:23+02:00Oct 3rd, 2019|Categories: Latest News|Tags: , , , |

Suspension plays a very important part of keeping your vehicle safe to drive. Without proper suspension, your vehicle will be at risk of unwanted body motion and excessive bouncing. Making the vehicle not only uncomfortable it could cause harm to your person as well by either jolting you around or being unstable to steer with proper control.  So, let’s first get into some suspension basics and then more about what we have in our range of Tough Dog Suspension gear. Suspension Basics You may be wondering what exactly suspension does for your vehicle. Well, it does a great deal and can [...]

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