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4 12, 2017

Big Bore (45mm) Adjustable Shock Absorbers

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Adjustable shocks are a great advantage when expecting a great deal of different applications out of your vehicle. With the 9 stages of adjustment your vehicle is able to perform at all times. Ideal for big lift applications up to six inches over factory in some vehicles. Simon Vella from Tough Dog Suspension speaks about the adjustable shocks: “These tough puppies are the largest bore externally adjustable shocks available on the market. There is nothing that can compare to the 45mm bore in a 70mm outer casing. This is one serious shock.” The Tough Dog adjustable shocks are fitted with foam [...]

14 11, 2017

Tough Dog Foam Cell Shock Absorbers

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Recently we have been speaking a lot about suspension and shock absorbers rather particularly. In our article from last week, Shock Fade: Why is it important to Look out for?, we took a look into shock fade and the effects it has on the vehicle. Fluid displacement is used to create the dampening required for stability and a comfortable ride. And as the process continues we see that shock fade occurs. Tiny bubbles then causing the resistance the shock is needed to create to become less and damage the vehicle. Tough Dog’s foam cell shock absorbers give you the best solution. [...]

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