Wheel spacers are generally used on larger vehicles or those that have had a fair amount of customization done. The purpose of installing them is to create more distance between the wheel and the wheel hub assembly. What exactly does this mean for the vehicle though?

How Wheel Spacers Help You

Wheel spacers widen the wheel offset. By providing space between the wheel and the wheel hub assembly the vehicle now has a wider track. Through this the tire’s lateral grip is improved, which brings better handling and limiting body roll. Having the load now more evenly distributed you have greater acceleration coming out of a corner.

The offset created by the wheel spacers ensure that the clearance between the wheel and wheel hub assembly are ideal. If the wheel was sitting too close to the wheel hub assembly, it will likely make contact with the inner parts of the wheel assembly. This will cause driving performance to decrease overall.

By installing wheel spacers, you give yourself the opportunity to reduce the wear and tear on the inner workings of your wheel hub assembly while improving your handling and bringing down body roll. These are huge advantages in large vehicles and when upgrading tires and suspension.

Wheel Spacers for the Look

A less common reason for using wheel spacers has more to do with the style the extra space does for the overall aesthetic of the vehicle. Pushing the wheels out can give your vehicle a rugged look that resembles the life of a full-time outdoor adventurer.

With a slight or thin wheel spacer you are likely to see your wheels align with the fender which will give your vehicle a prominent ‘stance’ while with thicker wheel spacers you are likely to have a more aggressive look with a wider ‘stance’.

What we Have for You

In conjunction with LA Sport, we here at Opposite Lock are excited to offer you the LAS Wheel Spacers. Designed to give the best in installation ease and performance you cannot go wrong with a set of our wheel spacers. Available for a range of vehicles and sizes.


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