Now suspension might not necessarily come to mind when you first think of what to upgrade in your vehicle unless you are more advanced as an off-road enthusiast. It can be a pricey upgrade and leave you thinking ‘well the standard suspension should be good enough’. There is even the likelihood that you simply see it as something people do to make their cars look badass. So, let us get into why have suspension at all followed by why it is important to get your suspension upgraded to the specific requirements you need.

What Suspension Does for your Vehicle

Driving down the road with little suspension work would likely leave you in a very unwell situation, and perhaps even the vehicle.

When a wheel rolls down the road it bounces on the smaller obstacles while becoming more erratic as the obstacles become bigger. When we attach two wheels together with a rod of sorts and roll them down the road you have two wheels attacking independently yet attached. Giving even more erratic bouncing with large obstacles. If you were someone driving down the road with this sort of system you would be bouncing all over the place. Making it uncontrollable and uncomfortable.

The suspension system is designed to provide control to the driver, stability, and ride comfort. The suspension system is made up of several components, including the chassis, springs support the vehicle weight while also absorbing and reducing excess energy from road shocks, along with the shock absorbers and struts. Finally, the anti-sway bar shifts the movement of the wheels and stabilizes the car. Together these components work to ensure proper handling of the vehicle and limit body roll around corners/bends. In the end, vehicles can have all the power they desire but without proper suspension, it cannot be contained.

Upgrading your Vehicle Suspension

Your vehicle suspension prevents unwanted nose dives, uncontrolled steering, and too much body roll. When you find your vehicle performing increased nose dives, front of the vehicle pushing downwards, and drifting through turning you likely need to look at upgrading your suspension simply for safety reasons. Otherwise, there could be a number of reasons you would like to upgrade your suspension. Some things to consider would be:

  • Constant: what will your vehicle be doing daily, how often will you take your vehicle into unknown terrain, and how often will you use your vehicle?
  • Purpose: are you thinking of going on regular weekends away, perhaps you have a farm and need to get around a large area, or do you spend all your free time exploring all the land has to offer?
  • Desires: what do you want your vehicle to be?

Your needs may not require a heavy overhaul of your suspension system, but an upgrade can give you the best in performance and durability. Consider bringing your vehicle up to top-notch for the ultimate in reliability.

What we Have to Offer

Tough Dog Suspension provides premium products for all kinds of suspension requirements. The latest addition and all the craze at the moment is the Air Assist suspension system.

If your load changes all the time, an Air Assist suspension system could be for you.  Air Assist springs are specifically designed to level out and control the rear ride height of your vehicle.  The reinforced rubber bellows with nylon end caps are built tough for the harshest conditions.




Fortuner 2015 On Raised R5 295,00
Everest 2015 On Raised R6 395,00
Navara d23 2015 on Coil Rear R5 695,00
FJ, Prado 120/150 Raised R5 695,00
80, 100 and 200 Series Cruiser 25mm Lift R5 695,00
80, 100 and 200 Series Cruiser 50mm Lift R5 695,00
Ranger/BT50 2011 On Raised R10 495,00
Isuzu 2012 On Raised R10 495,00
Toyota Hilux 2005-2015 R10 495,00
Toyota Hilux 2015 On R10 495,00
Landcruiser 75,76 and 70 Raised R10 495,00




Everest 2015 On STD R6 395,00
Pajero Sport ON STD R4 995,00
Navara d23 2015 on Coil Rear R5 695,00
Fortuner 2015 On STD R5 295,00
FJ, Prado 120/150 ON STD R5 695,00
80, 100 and 200 Series Cruiser STD R4 955,00
AMAROK 2010 Onwards STD R10 495,00
Ranger/BT50 2011 On STD R10 495,00
TRITON 2015 ON STD R10 495,00
Landcruiser 75,76 and 70 STD R10 495,00
Toyota Hilux 2015 On R10 495,00
Toyota Hilux 2005-2015 R10 495,00


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