Many road accidents occur when there is low visibility. Either from fear of using the high beams or simply not being able to light up enough area to ensure extra safety. When it comes to inner-city driving there is less chance of losing visibility due to the street lamps all around.

However, even if you are not an avid off-roader you may want to consider extra lighting should you live outside of the city or have to travel often on lesser-used roads. Along with the complication of loadshedding in South Africa, it does become apparent as to the need for proper lighting for safety reasons beyond visibility. Having the proper lighting system in place, you will be able to identify any potential obstacles ahead or anything that could obstruct your vehicle.

Aftermarket lighting comes in a variety of ranges with a variety of applications. Though a great start could be the Striker Professional Edition LED Driving Lights. This top of the range lighting system will supply you with long life and fast-acting lights. Increasing your visibility while furthering your adventure.



Striker Professional Edition LED Driving Lights to have a stylish rectangular form factor for a cool look on any 4X4, SUV or ute, and great all-round performance. The twin pack includes a complete DIY Easy-fit Installation Kit – so it’s more than just a set of driving lights, it’s a great value driving light system.


You may even consider adding this system to your current lighting in place on your vehicle already. The importance of lighting is to create proper visibility with the best lighting options for the human eye.


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