Lightforce puts forth on high quality, high performance and reliable lighting for your off road adventures. 

The last generation LightForce HTX gave us incredible lighting with this award winning product. This new range of the LightForce HTX2 takes it a few steps further. 

Just Some of the New Features


  • New Aluminium Housing:


Using precision-engineered heatsink the new one-piece aluminium housing it is more robust with an increase in heat management capabilities. This new design allows for the heat to be dissipated more evenly giving it longer performance as well as a slimmer frame making it possible to mount on a wider range of bull bars. 


  • Safe & Secure Mounting:

The potential vibration has been reduced by changing the mounting point on the HTX2 giving it a balanced centre of gravity. The mount also comes with additional bolts that allow you to triple-secure for extra peace-of-mind.


  • HID & LED Performance:


Following the desire to reduce eye fatigue while increasing visibility on the road the new HID bulbs and LED lights operate at a consistent 5000K. Allowing them to match more accurately. Using both HID and LED gives you a fantastic 1 Lux at over 1,650 metres and .25 Lux at over 3.3 kilometres. The Lightforce Dual Switching Harness allows you to change between the HID and LED or have both active at the same time, once your high beams are on, to best suit your drive.


  • Improved Ingress Protection:


The HTX2 seals have been redesigned to include a fully integrated water-resistant plug. Along with the Genuine Gore waterproof membrane with mechanical seal has allowed Lightforce to attain superior ingress protection at an IP68 and IP69K rating so the HTX2 is dustproof, fully submersible and can withstand high-pressure water and steam jets.

What the Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Lightforce HTX2 12V or 24V Hybrid Driving Light
  • 1 x HTX2 Harness Adaptor
  • 1 x HTX2 Spot Filter
  • 1 x Reversible mount and mounting hardware
  • 1 x HTX2 Xtreme Top Stay Bracket  (only with 24V Version)
  • 1 x User Instructions.

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