You may be asking yourself, what is the best way to go about my 4X4 suspension?

Suspension is an important aspect in any vehicle, be it off-road or on road. If the suspension is not what it should be you will find yourself in a bit of trouble. And this is particularly true for those of us who venture off-road quite often as it increases the strain on your suspension. Where standard on-road drivers only address their suspension when the mechanic says it is time to do so. The standard factory vehicle suspensions are built to upload a variety of terrains, depending on the vehicle, but usually not one specifically.

What suspension does for your vehicle?

Suspension plays a part in a few areas, with its main function to be maintaining even spots on the surface of the road/ground to limit body roll.

The secondary functions include keeping the vehicle from losing contact with the road/ground surface and allow for a flexible chassis in extreme conditions.

While most vehicles are perfectly happy with the factory suspension system, off-roaders tend to go areas where aftermarket parts are better suited. This essentially is more capable of carrying heavy accessories and heavier loads.

Something to consider

Modifications to any vehicle need to be thought through very carefully.

The Southern African terrain provides some fantastic challenges on its own which needs to prepare for, while the repair facilities are not always easy to access. So take into account your suspension configuration when planning your modifications. Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each system setup at the same time bearing in mind your actual requirements will be greatly advantageous in modification planning.

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