Overall winches are hugely advantageous.

Having a winch can help you out of a tricky situation. You may find yourself stuck and in need of a good pull to get you out. And if you like an extreme drive then a winch is what is helping you get up those steep inclines. Perhaps a friend needs some help and you have just the winch for it.

Plus they just look really awesome.

With the unpredictable nature of the off-road experience it important to you you can get yourself out a tight spot. Considering the strength and utility it offers, a winch is a piece of recovery gear that most off-roaders should include on their vehicles.

And to round it off a winch kit is best when wanting the most out of your winch.

A winch kit

A winch kit (not supplied with the winch) enables you to use the very expensive piece of equipment on the front of the vehicle,
safely. It contains:

  • A tree strap, so you don’t kill the tree you use as an anchor or damage the wire.
  • A pulley block, to lessen the load you put on the winch or to increase its pulling power.
  • A pair of heavy duty gloves for obvious reasons.
  • Some shackles to safely connect all together.
  • And, last but not least a “finger saver”, a small piece of bent rod that allows you to feed the wire onto the spool without getting your fingers pulled through the fairlead (rollers).

For more information on the how to of winch usage then check out this article: HOW TO: USE A WINCH by Leisure Wheels or you can have a look at some awesome shots just click here.

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