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13 02, 2018

Off-road Tyres and 4WD Recovery

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Any off-road enthusiast knows that obstacles exist on all terrains so vehicle recovery is a big part of tackling the outdoors. Tyres play a rather large role in the off-road experience. Using the wrong tyres can make getting over these obstacles even harder. Off-road tyres are made for their intended terrain and should be treated accordingly. Having the proper tyres can assist in vehicle recoveries as well. You want the vehicle you are recovering to have the best possible chance of assisting in the recovery and this includes the right tyres for the right terrain. Highway Terrain Tyres For the generally [...]

30 01, 2018

How does a 4X4 vehicle work?

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All vehicles have a purpose. Mostly in the mundane section being a general city car. Easily handling lovely roads that may have a few bumps. While others are made for the road, sticking to the track and embracing the veracity of speed and pure ingenuity. 4X4 vehicles embrace this accurate nature in that are made for the off-road experience. Generally vehicles have a two-wheel drivetrain (transmission, drive shaft and differential) system. Meaning the rotational power, called torque, is transferred via the drivetrain to two of the four wheels. This power can be transferred to either the rear wheels referred to as [...]

4 12, 2017

Big Bore (45mm) Adjustable Shock Absorbers

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Adjustable shocks are a great advantage when expecting a great deal of different applications out of your vehicle. With the 9 stages of adjustment your vehicle is able to perform at all times. Ideal for big lift applications up to six inches over factory in some vehicles. Simon Vella from Tough Dog Suspension speaks about the adjustable shocks: “These tough puppies are the largest bore externally adjustable shocks available on the market. There is nothing that can compare to the 45mm bore in a 70mm outer casing. This is one serious shock.” The Tough Dog adjustable shocks are fitted with foam [...]

30 10, 2017

Looking for the ultimate battery box?

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Firstly one should clarify that having a dual battery system is not only fantastic but important as well. Whether it is for leisure or work you want to make sure you are able to keep necessary equipment powered. Whilst ensuring that your vehicle will still able to startup again. These systems are typically run in such a fashion that auxiliary or second battery run the accessories such as fridges. While the starting or main battery remains as the main source of power for the vehicle. Dual battery systems are not always easy to install either. Oftening requiring a bit of imagination [...]