The Story

Recently the opportunity to take an epic road trip into the incredible world of the Northern Cape. And honestly if you haven’t been out this way then make your next adventure out here. The landscape itself is incredibly scenic. There is nothing quite like the amazing skyline as the sun hits the red sand. It captivates so much beauty and keeps you at the moment.

On our first proper day out in the desert, we went to have look around the area. Somewhere between Upington and Kakamas, we set out on our little adventure for the morning. Dotted throughout the red sand are quiver trees and the sweetest yellow flowers ever so slightly brightening up the view.

After a short while in and around the farmlands and learning about what grows out here and possible places to visit, we found ourselves a bit stuck in the sand. So, we take the first steps to getting out of the sand. Keep in mind that we were simply getting around and did not feel the need to bring any recovery gear along. After a few tricks here and there, the vehicle is simply not rocking its way out of the ditch. Further and further the vehicle sinks into the ground. Finally, we decided it best to call in some backup.

At this point, it becomes very clear that this is going to be a little more than a struggle. The vehicle simple would not budge. The chain used to assist in the vehicle recovery was lengthened and shorted in an attempt to create the optimal leverage to get the vehicle out.

But indeed, lady luck found her way to us and the vehicle was recovered and good to go yet again.

Going out on an adventure without your recovery gear may seem like an alright idea for a short trip. The truth is that it is best to keep your vehicle kitted for any possible situation you encounter on your specific trip.

Steps to Follow

When you find yourself stuck in the sand you want to stop and not get your vehicle deeper into the sand. The first step would be to let some air out of your tire’s, 13-20 PSI should be good. This allows for more surface area touching the actual ground which in turn assists with your chance of gaining traction. Use a rocking or back and forth motion to get the vehicle out of the loose sand.

Try digging the sand away from the wheels and perhaps use something like a wooden board to assist in gaining traction to pull the vehicle out. If this does not work anymore, you probably need to get your bud into recovery your vehicle. Ensure that you have the correct recovery gear for the situation. See our Recovery Checklist for more on what you need, whether you are a novice or long-time off-roader.×4-recovery-gear-checklist/