South Africa is full of amazing sites. Some of which you really do need a 4×4 to get to experience.

Mpumalanga has some amazing trails to offer. Starting from your novice driver all the way to an experienced one. The scenery allows you to embark through and around subtropical forests, mountains and hillsides and of course the famous waterfalls.

The Alkmaar Trail is a great place to begin, especially if you desire to get into off road for the first time. Offering both a nature trail and an obstacle course here you are able to attend lessons on 4×4 driving and enjoy the 7 km scenery. The Alkmaar Farmstay is a wonderful experience for all.

If you are looking for something a little more challenging then perhaps the Eureka City Barberton may just be it. Offering a fantastic nature trail full of obstacles. This route comes with a fantastic story and so much interesting history. Though be sure to have the proper suspension when taking on this trail.

Something more of a scenic drive might be to your liking. The Ribbok Kloof Lodge offers a variety of activities. Their 4×4 trail boasts a 3 km river bed crossing and a 27 km scenic route to take in your fill of the landscape. And once done with the adventure into nature you can enjoy a relaxing swim.

A magnificent route located between Songimvelo Nature Reserve and the Malolotja Nature Reserve the Ebutsini Trail is a must if you are in the area. The scenery is is so spectacular it simply draws you in. The area has much to offer in terms of landscapes and obstacles. Here you will most likely need a fully kitted vehicle to be able to do most of what is available.

Mpumalanga has much to show as the 4×4 community is ever expanding. Finding secret trails and experiencing breathtaking views is what it is all about.

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