When it comes to buying a pre-owned vehicle, you have to spend a fair amount of time looking for the right one.

Enjoying the outdoors gives a variety of vehicles best suited to specific situations. And often the vehicles used in the pursuit of great adventures get really worked. So, it is best to check a few things to make sure you are getting a good deal. It also comes down to the intended use of the vehicle. This will help narrow down your search a lot.

What to Check:


  • No smoke on start-up
  • Turbo/Intercooler
  • Mechanical noises
  • Oil leaks
  • Appearance of oil
  • Service record

Electrical System

  • Charge rate
  • Battery condition
  • General appearance
  • Wiring to accessories
  • Warning lights
  • No malfunctions

Cooling System
Manual Transmission

  • Oil level/correct grade
  • Silent operation
  • Smooth gear shift
  • Transfer case
  • 4WD drive mode
  • Low range

Automatic Transmission

  • Fluid level
  • Appearance of fluid
  • Silent operation
  • Smooth shifting
  • Low range
  • 4WD mode

Drive shafts
Wheel bearings
Body Work
Overall condition

Make sure you are buying for the intended use as well as having the best overall condition to fit your budget.