There are few better things than have an adventure out into the middle of nowhere. The meticulous drive it takes to venture out deep into the majestic landscape that is out in the valley of the off road enthusiast is breath-taking on its own.

Taking a few days to camp here and there really completes the experience.

Though as Awesome as it can be there are some off road essentials to keep in mind. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have forgotten something or found that you need certain repairs and could have prepared for it.

Essentials Checklist:

Recovery gear – It is important to keep your recovery kit in accessible place. The best spot would be somewhere close to the driver’s seat. As getting stuck is an unpredictable situation you want to be sure you are able to access your recovery gear. (Check Out OL’s Recovery Gear Checklist)

Work Light – Never underestimate the value of a good work light. Often recoveries take time and being prepared to work in the dark is always an advantage.

Tyre Repair Kit – Carrying a complete tyre repair kit is always a good idea. Tyres see a lot of action and are routinely damaged. South African roads are a challenge at best so do be prepared for the off road obstacles.

Air Compressor – The easiest way to add traction off-road is to drop the air pressure in your tyres. Your average equipment, can go low soft sand or mud. Be careful around rocks and other obstacles, the lower your pressure the more you risk damaging your wheels.

Jump Starter – Having a buddy help out when you need a jump is always great. No one wants to be stuck without the possibility of regaining life in the car. Though a high-capacity lithium ion battery pack should take the edge off. Keep it charged and ready for use.

Hand Tools – Regardless of your plans for the trip having a full set of hand tools come in handy. The rattling of the obstacles can take a toll on your vehicle and sometimes a few things need to be tightened here and there.

Work Gloves – Always have a pair, even two, of heavy duty gloves. When doing repairs or a recovery you will be thankful to have some protection on your hands.

Navigation – Ensure that you have proper navigation. Having a digital choice definitely makes it easier to manage as it helps you along. Though in South Africa you never know what will happen, so be sure to have an up to date map of the area just in case.

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