For the best in durability and longevity the interVOLT EBI Pro is your best option.

When you’re out in the bush you really want to ensure that your secondary or auxiliary battery is operating smoothly. This is where the interVOLT EBI Pro comes into play. It is a fantastic and reliable battery isolator which could be keeping your system working at its full potential.

The interVOLT EBI Pro is environmentally sealed to be both dust and waterproof.

Just a small part of some of the benefits when using the interVOLT EBI Pro in your vehicle. The EBI Pro includes some amazing features which not only brings full potential usage to your vehicle, it greatly benefits your adventure in the long run.

Key differences and features include:

  • Solid state electronics, no mechanical moving parts to wear, fatigue and fail over time.
  • 100 amp continuous duty with a 500 amp peak.
  • Physically smaller than any other Isolator on the market with this potential.
  • Internal components sealed to IP67.
  • Device current draw 30mA when isolated (standby) 40mA when combined.
  • Omni directional mounting, as the EBI is solid state it does not need to be mounted vertically as most solenoids do/should.
  • Internal resistance (voltage drop) is less than 2.0 milliohm which does not change over the life of the device as there are no contacts wearing and increasing resistance.
  • Programmability, being able to program the device to best suit the users application. Not only can you set the combine and isolate voltages but also the switching delay to allow the relay to overcome dips in voltage that would otherwise drop out the isolator immediately
  • All of the inbuilt protections.

Contact Opposite Lock today for your interVOLT EBI Pro, keeping your journey going.